The most merciful thing in the world... is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.
H P Lovecraft

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Flat Rock

bullet Newcomer Page
Economy of Effort
Invisible Public Architecture
For Never and Ever
Day Gotta Habit
Refusing the Future
Nothing Is Certain
Ticket to Elsewhere
I Miss the Earth
Every Doorway Has a Story
Nullius in Verba
Sonsuz Arama
Believe Nothing
Consistency: Contrary to Life
Now Is Always the Most Difficult Time
Things Underweened
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Mainlining: All in Vein
Give: Back, In, More, Out, Up
A Race: Education vs Catastrophe
Beginning Again
Everything Is Selling
Three Lefts Make It Right
Into the Abyss of Endless Time
Mistakes We May Or May Not Have Made
The Future Is Coming!
On the Wealth of Notions
Craziness Is Next to Oddliness
Imagination Compensates
Ours Is a Tolerable Planet
Wrapped in a Flag
So Rich, So Soft
Basic Awareness
Negative Entropy
Reality Is Largely Ignored
Greatest Curse of Modern Times
Shades of Grey
When Truth Is Shallow
Of Consequence
Owning and Being Owned
Moral Hazards
Calm on the Surface But...
The Great (Manic) Depression?
Staple This to the Wall
Opinions: the Greatest Deception
Waiting for the Pied Piper
It Doesn't Pay to Be in a Hurry
Finessing the Inevitable
Life Is So Complex...
More Important than Fact?
A Whole World of Wasted Time
A Complete Substitute for Life
Cross-Dressed Propaganda
My Biased News
News Is Addictive
Nothing Much Happens
Read Once, Think Three Times
A Frail Power Indeed
Whistling in the Wind
Nothing New Under the Sun
All News Is Gossip
Too Much Information!
More Stuff
Sorry I'm Late...
Who Wants Yesterday's News?
Least Current News
Sing Along
Interesting Reading
My Mistake!
Hot Buttons
Privacy Comes First
Just a Minute!
What Do You Think of This?
What Our Lawyer Thinks
What You Think
High Court Judgment
I wish there were more to say
Patience is a Virtue
Site Now Up!
Simcock's Appeal Dismissed
Charges Laid?
They Allmanaged to Ignore Me
bullet Resources
You Animal!
Oh, Shoot!
Snake Charms
Functional Snakes
This Boa Is No Moa
Biological Anomaly?
A 60_Acre Web of Mystery
Scorpions Are Major Cause of Death
About Bees
Killing Them with Kindness
Where Do You Draw that Fateful, Fatal Line?
Proverbial Canaries
The Dreaded Cane Toad
Quack Squad
Ravens, Crows, Jays, Magpies
More Birds with Brains
Ostrich, Emu, Cassowary
This Doesn't Fly
Something to Crow About
Bad Feather Days
The Beak of Perfection
Expiration Date
Bad Dog!
Need a New Best Friend?
Spot Me One
Feed Me!
Puppy Love?
Bon Appetit!
Morals of a Cat?
Cool Cats
Those Little Rats!
How Now?  No Cow!
Pig It Up, Put It Elsewhere
Total War on Sheep
On the Hoof
Biological Exuberance
Hunt/Kill/Eat: It's Natural?
Someone's Got to Do It?
Bearly Able to Stand
This Bear's Watching
Lesser Pandas, Raccoons, Skunks, Weasels
That Possum Looks Awesome
Blow Me Away
Drawing Logical Conclusions
Flukes of Nature
Harbour Scene
How Important Are Animal Feelings?
What Beasts Are Thinking
Coming to Life
Weird Day
You Can't Run Faster than a Bullet
Take the Long Way Home
In No Time
Razed Eyebrows
Learning What's Really Important
The French Horn
THe Fantasy World of Photoshop
When Expectations Are Too High
We Only Think We Think
New Yorker Porker Home Page
Headline News Stories
High on the Hog
Home & Family Living
Sport: Pigging a Winner
Announcements & Classifieds
Six Easy Pieces
Feast of Famine
Feast of Famine Page 2
Feast of Famine Page 3
Feast of Famine Page 4
Feast of Famine Page 5
Feast of Famine Page 6
Feast of Famine Page 7
Information about the Author
Information about the Poet
Comparison of Humans and Dogs
Tortilla Torts
Information about the Cook
There Goes the Sun
Information about the Photographer
Wolf Music
Contact Page
A Dog's Life
Spot Remover?  Dog Gone
A New Dimension
DV & Firewire
Robots and Space Warps
This Stuff Is Dyn-o-mite
Wandering Pilgrim
Getting Back to Work
How to Send Your Head on Vacation
Skin and Bones
Blowing It Up and Knocking It Down
Streams, Spiders and Wind
Blown All Out of Proportion
Seeing Things
Somnambulant No More
A Subway with Vision
One Size Too Small
Pretend It Like Beckham
Champagne?  Why?
Sixth Sense
Stunt City, Australia
Every Story Needs a Good Ending
Just Let Me Die with My Boots On
LA to Oregon at Mach 9
Snake Dance
It Could Be Bad for Baz...
Three Commercials
Flight from Reality
Looking before You Leap
Having Fun?  At Work?
Reinforcements, Please!
Well-Behaved Felines
She Got the Extra Point
Show Me!  Show You!
NOW Do You Feel Better?
Illustration of "Infinity"
Words to the Wise
Closing Down
We're All in Accord
These Guys Are Living a Dream
Giving "Reality TV" New Meaning
Cumming and Going
Playing with Fire
There's an Art to It!
Card Shuffling
Giving Your Cards Away
This Is the Craziest
A Gambler's Guide
In His Heart, He's an Ace
In the Red
Your Work, Your Word, Your Friend
Morality, Beauty, Dignity, Balance
All in the Game
Half a Dozen
Everything Is Chance?
I Eight It All
Any Colour but Black
Heart Ten
Tart Thief
She Made Some Tart Remarks
A Temporary Job at Best
Let Me Take You To My Club
Start the Bidding
This Club Is Exclusive
A Family of Four
Club Cinco
Six Is Available to Club Members Only!
Seven Up
The Supper Club?
Cat O' Nine Clubs
The Ten Man
In an Emergency, Your Jack Is a Club
Elvis Presley?  Frank Sinatra?
A Girl's Best Friend?
de Deuce DeBeers
This Is Not Hard
Do You Mine?
Transparent and Unchanging
Lucy in the Sky with...What?
Rough.  Cut.
Shameless: Love, Itch, Thirst
Chunks of Coal That Stuck to Their Jobs
Half a Score
Trump This
The Family's Rock
Hard As a What?
Don't Go Off Half-Ace'd!
One for Each Hand
Can You Dig It?
Angry? Count to 4. Very Angry? Swear.
Five What?
My Dog Is Spade, My Cat Is Fluffy
Thus Spade Zarathustra
She Eight's It!
Keeping the Bill Spade
Digging Up Dirt?
Paid Off in Spades
Where Are Her Chambermaids?
Back to the Castle
Can't You Take a Joker?
Food?  Drug?  Medicine?  Herb?
Is This Perfection?
That Green Stuff
Unexpected Benefits
How Stimulating!
Snow Joke
Tightly Wired
One for the Road
Life in Overdrive
Use and Abuse
100% Support
Pushing Pills
Not a Joking Matter
Quit That!
Stop Smelling Up My Air!
No Mere Metaphor
MMOs Anonymous
Investing on a Whiff
Advice about Vice
Everybody's Had One
Falling through the Cracks
Smarter?  Or Are We Getting Worse?
What Influence Will You Have on YOUR Kids?
Great Contemporary Writing
Mediocrity - Or Worse
Letters from Home
Hallmark of Authoritarianism
Policing the Language
I Trust; YOU Obey
Just Like Everyone Else
A Look at the Subjects
Oh, No!  Not ANOTHER IQ Test!
What, Exactly, Is Being Tested?
Costs to the Parent
The Importance of NOT Being Earnest
Honour Your Self
Some Differences Are Positive
Not Everyone Should Go There
As Grades Go Up, Wrong Things Are Learned?
Rites of Passage
"To Rigidly Uphold the Law..."
Suspending Common Sense
Exclusion by the Group
Is It Really Training in Disguise?
Awarding the Wrong People?
Who Wants to Be a Genius?
Life Lesson
Turn Them All into Apartment Houses
What Plate Crystals Can Do...
A Red Glow Like the Dawn
Nuclear Giants, Ethical Infants
The Sun: the Only SAFE Nuclear Reactor
The Dark Side of the Human Spirit
Up in Smoke
Common Radioactive Items
A Perfect Environment
Barns in Canada
Silence Can Be Golden
Bad Luck Never Stops Here
Nor Any Drop to Drink
One Billion People Are Thirsty
Environmental Bad Dream
Spirit Away
Searching High and Wide
Here Come the Four Horsemen!
Save Me!
Basic Conservation
Desert Odyssey
Snow Wonder
A Tunnel 60 Miles Long
Winds of Change
Twice As Bad
A Fickle Wind
The Odds of Dying
Controlling the Weather
Whirlwind Tour of Miami
Greased Lightning
Nearly Perfect
A Treetise
The Jewel of the Savannah
Green GDP Can Grow
Naturally Important
Homegrown Horror
Short Future
Fronting Up to Rising Seas
Sea Level Variation Is Natural?
Mother Nature Speaks
All There Is and Then Some
The Monotony of High Density
Oil Shortages Soon?
The End of Civilisation as We Know It?
A Hydrogen Economy?
You've Got the Power!  (Or Will Have...)
To Air Is Human
History of Flight in the US
If We Had Wings
Pride, Progress, Pie in the Sky
Los Angeles Then and Now
California Becomes a Giant Movie Set
The Passing of an Era
Pretty Strange
Possible UFOs
Flying Beds and Metal Birds
Fishy: Salmon and Hammerheads
Imperfect Ideas
The "Kelvin 40"
The Death of Stealth?
Floating on Air
Pamper Me!
Practically Legends
Problems, Problems
That Position Has Been Taken
A Pigeon Is My Co-Pilot
Which One of You Did That?
Gimli: A Race to the Finish
Back to Earth
Predicting the Future of Aviation
Picking a Paradigm
Plans Can Change
Prove It Improves
Pushing It
Spaced Out
All Narratives of Events Are Biased
Time Stops for None (but Eventually for All)
 From the Medieval to the Modern
Money and Power: These Mean War
Deciding on What Is Tolerable
Timing Can Be Everything
Power: Steel, Steam and Politics
Turmoil and Transformation
The Outbreak of the Great War
War's Ugly Harvest
It Looks So Empty...
From Stone to Steel
Das Kampf
Step into My Lebensraum...
The Untidy Details
Dupes, Realists, Traitors or Failures?
It's Always about Money
Mistakes All Around
The Curtain Falls
Connected by the Internet
Trading Freedom for Security
What Does the Future Hold?
Humour Us...
Laughter Soothes the Wounded Heart
Uncontrolled Respiratory Convulsions
That's a Laugh
No Kidding
Universal Humour?
Timeless Humour?
Funny Is an Attitude
Does This Fly?
Stringing You Along
Another Blonde Joke
You're Joking!
Press My Buttons
Refraining from Slanging
Crummy Breaks
That's the Beauty of It
Pretty Good Jokes
End to End
Internet Job Search
Stop Stopping!
Creative Thinking
Email from Hell
Lawyers Aren't Funny So Why Do I Laugh
Life's Little Instruction Book Excerpts
Open the Window
Free Toy Yoda
The Best Advice I Ever Received
You Need It When?!
We Can Help
Funny, That
The Funny Side of Rugby
Getting to the Right Place
Does Exclusivity Make It Seem More Valuable?
Leaving for a Better Life
A Xenophobic Rant and Rebuttal
Make Way!
Rules of Engagement
Moving Down Under
Feeling the Pinch
Why Not Regulate?
Oversight in Sight
Don't Think We're Getting Soft!
Discrimination and the Economy
On the Move in NZ
I Swear Allegiance to...
I'm Gone for Now - but I'll Be Back!
Undocumented Migrants
Migration: History and Future
Open the Gates
Hidden Costs of Migrating
75% Return on Your Investment!  Honest!!
NZ: A Small, Clever Country
I Live in the Cyberbs
An Extraordinary World's Fair
Computers of a Bygone Era
1962 Imagines 2001
Chipping Away at Freedom?
A Gilbert and Sullivan-based Tribute
Is Your Boss a Snoop?
Grow with Us
Digital Divide
Yearning to Be a Nobody
Manifesto and Rebuttal
Put This Where?
I Don't Feel So Good
The "Fun" in Dysfunctional
Quick As a Wink
A Classic
Giant TV in Your Pocket
I Want to Hurt My Computer
How Long Have You Been Here?
Private and Interactive
We're Viewing More Pages
Survivor: The New Economy
Show Some Mercy
Too Much to Ask
Agents on the Web
P T Barnum & Aristotle?!?
I'm Conscious, You're Faking
Libraries Will Become Morgues
What No One Is Reading
EverQuest: 77th Richest Country
Blog Survey
Intellectual and Entertaining
Nature Roundup: Plants, Auroras, Jellyfish
Looking Out for Number 1
Governed by Committee?  Who Is Responsible?
Everyone's a Critic!
Let's Go for a Drive
What Makes a Good Necktie?
Kid Stuff
Wave to the Camera
Whose Wishes Should Prevail?
The Return of Spiral Jetty!
He Nose!!
Need Better Contacts?
Stick It to Him
Culturally Inane
We Don't Kid Around Here!
Why a Good Night's Sleep Is Important
His Ambiguous, Bi-Polar Style
I'll Give You 15 Minutes
Almost Forgotten Verse
Which Way to Rattlesden?
Everyone Gets What They Want
They'd Miss Us if We All Died
Just Passing Through
Keeping Up
Passing the 8th Grade
I Believe the Hole Thing
Morph Un
Close the Gates
I'm Scratching My Hat
Have a Tattoo?  Drive a Van?
A Rose by Any Other Name
Comedy News
Wasting It
Living with Style
This Is the Ultimate Luxury?
In Your Own Back Yard
Pumping Iron
Again: WHO's in Control?
You Can't Get Away from TV
Don't Ash, Don't Tell
Hair's the Facts Ma'am
Lipstick, Sunglasses, a Piece of History
What Determines a Success?
Good Grief, Goodbye!
A Fully Realised Life, You Say?
Recipe for Disaster
Which One Would You Rather Hug?
These Are the Times That Bind
Cigarettes Can Kill!
This Week Will Never End?!
Living on the Road
King of the Highway
Unusual Desserts
Eat Right and Excercise
Walking 65,000 Miles
Middle-Aged but Getting Younger
A Craving for Sweets
Saline Solutions
Immortal Elixir
You CAN Quit Smoking!
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - and Lungs
Something Smells Bad
Fat City
Famine of Plenty
A Happy Retirement
Happy at All Cost
High Stakes
Live to Bee 98
As Old As You Feel?
Some Years Are Easier than Others
Spanning the Shift
In the Company of
Using Her Head
Genetic Product Suppliers
Power On?  In Control?
Lost in Translation
Trying to Multiply
About Eggs
Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana?
Act Naturally!
Foolishness about Friendship
More Supervision Needed
Y do We Even Need Them?
No Place for Blame?
She Asked for It!
Enjo Kosai: "Compensated Dating"
Child Molesters
Hot on the Scent
A Happy Home for Whom?
Friendly and Talkative?  Thank Dad!
Dad's the Id, Mom's the Ego
Nothing Men Can Do
So Many Vaginas
Which Romance Will Be the Last?
Act Like You Care
The Family's Tree
The Last Man to Hit above .400
Who Are They Meeting?
Worth Wrapping Up
Money Politics and Law
What Makes a Country?
Where the Crowds Are
Once Broken, It Can't Be Fixed
Patagonian Lambs
History of Bangladesh
Not a Basket Case Forever
Island Hopping
Drivers Licences in China
The Horn of Africa
Business as Usual
Owned by Madagascar, Maritius and/or France
One of Africa's Wealthier Countries
A Building 2.8 Miles Long
Writing from Ghana
The Rock of Gibraltar
4,000 Years of History
Guatemala City Sinkholes
All Together Now...
Life in the Middle East
Uncrowned Queen of Iraq
The Smile of Irish Eyes
The Misery Ethic
Welcome to North Korea
Full Lebanese Sovreignty
Gracefully Dissolving
People Everywhere
Middle East History - 2 Views
Getting Ahead
It Just Keeps Getting Better...
ISO 3166-1
More than 300 Streets Named for Shahids
The Second People Power Revolution
Something worth Seeing
What Oil Can Do to Tiny States
Largest Human Spectacle in the World
The Most Indebted Nation in the World
Dying to Be Entertained
80 Miles North of Kiev
Where Money Is Concentrated
Many Brits Can't Drive - in Theory
San Francisco on a Clear Day
A Sense of Humour, Please!
Shibam of Yemen
The Old Phishing Hole
Loose Ends
Eyeballs for Sale
Looking Good Pays
Earth for Sale - Only $32 Trillion
Buy, Buy, Miss American Pie
An Emotional Issue
Bubbling Over
Don't Rush Into Things
Norse Gods
Direct Democracy
Where Is the Benefit Here?
Seven Obituaries
Drowning in Debt
Drain, Drain, Go Away
We'll Pay You!
Bad News Offered Up on a Cushion
Contracts Count
Spend More, Save Less
Content Provider
Population Pyramids
Beyond the Nation State
The Casino Economy
Taking Stock
Destructive Creation?
Fraud Occurs When...
Nothing to Do with the Truth
They Don't Pay Taxes Anyway
Murder: The Case against Condit
Whistleblower Checklist
The Ultimate Career
Rocking the Cradle
Why Does NY Look Down on NJ?
People, Freeways, Trees, Geese, Deer
Affairs of State
New Jersey State Song (Not)
My Garden State
Drive You Crazy
The Garden State - Really!
Bring the Old Railway Lines Back!
There Are Bears in the Hills
Another Lawyer's Tale
NJ: Distribution of People and Farms
Joseph Bonaparte at Point Breeze
Patriot's Path Detailed Map
Rocks of Ages
A Rock-Solid Immortality
Cryptic Reminders of Time's Passage
The Pinnacle of Success
When You Were Alive...
Pointing toward Heaven
These Flowers Never Wilt
What Really Matters?
Traitor?  Patriot? Merely a Point of View?
How to Climb a Mountain with a Canal
Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
New Jersey's Own
Not Perfect but Fairly Plentiful
Different She Ate
Going Down?
Looking for the Silver Lining
Get Bent
Tattoo You
Come Ride with Me
No Door?
Plastic Is So Passé Now
For the Builder Who Discriminates
Upwardly Mobile Homes
Wanting a Meal
Up in Smoke
Get Down
Life Is a Challenge
Sooner or Later
Bill the Collector
Wild Life
On Being Different
It Takes Two
Fungus Among Us
Trivia Pursuit
Money, Sex, News & Stats
Finger It Out
Why Does It Even Matter?
Staying on Track
Outrun Discouraging Words
How Amusing
Unexpected Sensations
Run That by Me Again
Gravity: That's the Law
What Is This Thing?
It's Not the Economy This Time
You Could Survive with These
Ups and Downs
May as Well Enjoy Yourself
How Do You Spell Relief?
Urinal Long Line
Not So Different?
Finale, Finally
Downhill?  Down Deep?
How Long Can We Live?
Deserving What We Get
Getting What We Deserve
Old Cruisers
Are There Secrets to Old Age?
How Do I Know When I Get There?
Biology & Philosophy of Growing Old
Science and Longevity
Saying Farewell
Losing What We Love the Most
"Fun" [?] Funerals
It's Not the Destination, It's the Trip
Death in the Celebrity Age
When It's Time to Move On
Let's Be Practical
Keeping Costs Down
Rituals versus Reality
Row upon Row
A Crypt to Die for
Self Preservation Does NOT = Immortality
Relatively Dead
Donating Your Body to Science
Yearning for Immortality
A Road We'll All Walk Down
You Might As Well Die Laughing
Picture This!
When the Means Is an End in Itself
All Journeys Have Secret Destinations
Getting Acquainted with Yourself
When a Photo of Art Is Art
Have You Herd the Latest?
Cutting through All the Noise
Overviews Facilitate Insight
Right Before Your Eyes...
Photographic Filters
The Light Fantastic
Tempest in a Teacup
Enhancing Nature
Blind Green Cats & Purple Dogs to Start
Foxes, Squirrels & A Picnic on Wine
Picture, If You Will...
There in Black and White
The Largest State
The Journey Matters
Bittersweet in Montana
Looking Down on Your Neighbours
Floating in Space
Every City Wants to Have the Tallest One
Apres Moi, le Deluge
Just after He Stuck His Neck Out
Not Tracking Well Today?
To Toil Et Art
Cruise Control
Christening Te Papa
Emerald City
Evening in Wellington
Home Sweet Home
Squarely in Wellington
Time Ruins Everything
Patriots' Path
Patriot's Path in Summer Sunlight
The (Mostly) Straight and Narrow
House Proud Heritage
A White Olyphant
Not Always What They Seem
Veterans at Rest
Never to Be Forgotten
General New Jersey Stuff
It Was Not for Nothing
Queer Money
Prisons: Paralysis and Population
Injustice We Believe
Death with a Snarl
Way to Go
Justice Or Vengeance?
Death: Country and Gender Differences
Race to the Finish
My Job Is Killing Me
Web Site Story
Living outside the Law
Privately Run Prisons Not the Answer?
Check in for a Long Stay
Living in a Box
Empathetic Incarceration
Which Prison Rehabilitaes Better?
Rights for Prisoners "a Joke"?
In Need of a Spanking?
Coddling Is Cheaper
Scared Straight
You Can Tell Me
The Next Best Thing to Slaves
Trust and Obey
Not Quite Judge Dredd
An Electronic Conscience?
Desolation Island
What Is the Prize?
I Can Probably Relate to That
I Love Your Immune System Genes?
Why Did She Do It?
He Comes in Handy
Family Trends
Where Are All the Mr Rights?
Fork It Over
A Tutorial in Social Graces
Have It Your Way
After 60 Years of Married Life
Cut It Out!
Likely Trouble Spots?
Fool Thyself
Nuanced Armpit Noises Next?
What Is the Moral?
Innate Recognition
Mean, Dumb, Crazy, Ugly or Smelly?  Leave!
On Being Limerent
Safe in Your Mouth
Genetic Sexual Attractions?
The Monarch's Butterfly
E Pluribus Dos
Science and Related Matters
Scents Ability
Making New Friends
Mom Was Wrong
Bacteria Make Sense
Microscopic Intelligence
Curious Organelle, Unsuspected Function
Tuning in on Darwin
'Ere Be Dragons
Probes Break the Law
When Eagles Lay Eggs
Sky's the Limit
Star Tapestry
Thinking Is the Best Way to Travel
A Piece of the Rock
Earth's Problems Measured on Galactic Scale
Redshifts and Pentaquarks
Ro Ro Ro Your Bot
Sit on It!
Water, Water Everywhere
Can I Get a Witness?
Creation Could Be Left-Handed
Don't Wilt Have a Pill
Fractal Evolution
Old Wives Know Something after All
Is THIS the "Essence" of Life?!
Blaming Gaia?
Small World
Strange NZ Facts
Tall Story
Infinite Extent
Maybe Cloning Would Be Better?
Hologram Children
Merging Is Emerging
Can You or Can't You?
It Seems So Real (but Isn't)
Neurologically Atypical
Where Is Consciousness? I've Lost It!
Press, Principia, Steam, Germs, Quanta
Here's a Clue: Living, Dead
Experiments in the Laboratory
Get High On Society
Faults and Fixes
Investments in Human Capital
Not Insurance - It's "Pass the Buck"
How Did the Current Situation Come About?
Some Would Do Anything for Family
Turn out the Lights
Talk to Me Online
Sex and Schopenhauer
High Status Conflicts
Boasting, Sometimes Regretting
Neuter Your Mind For Pure Power
Road Rage
The Inevitability of Patriarchy
Gender Skills
Capitalists and Crowds
The Liberty to Be Civil
Groups Can Be Therapeutic
Forgive Us Our Press Passes
Give and Take
The Exclusion Principle
How Cultural Are Personal Values
The Virtue of Virtue
Honing Moral Values
What Does "Meaning" Mean?
Gift-Giving Is not Capitalistic
Pay Attention Or Pay
What Do the Ends Mean
What Makes Us Tick?
What a Beauty!
Just Maybe the Fake Is Better...
100 Drops of Water: Enlivening the Planet
The Art of Living
Email Art
Unusual Art
Temporal Art
As a Feather
Visual Pleasures
Music Lessons Make Children Smarter
The Secrets of Musical Sound
Finally Seeking Novelty
Religious Humour, Art, History
Against Toleration?
But Is a Jedi "Bright"?
The Gaian Community
War Against Terrorism
Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Think, Don't Look
May I Still Play Football If I Wear Gloves?
Torture for Dummies
Unconverted Rice
With a Straight Face
If We Knew for Sure, What Then?
Growing Increasingly More Complex...
Will There Always Be Dictators?
Prisons and War: Bringing out the Worst
Honestly! (?)
To Kill a Cat
Imagine These Were YOUR Children...
Two Opposing Views
Just Suppose YOUR Dad Was Involved!
Into the Muck
Safety Is Always Temporary
Blow the Bugle, Draw the Sword
Plague Wars
The Patriotism Enforcers
Airport Security
Patting Zoo
Security Spectacle
Weeds in the Garden of Mankind
Small News
The New McCarthyism
Military Humanism?
The Medium and the Message
Who Will Know?  You Will!
Talk, Questions, Silence, Grammar
Mistakes Happen?
Painful Lessons?
The Fires of Hatred
Response Ability
A Window: Pain
Building a Reputation
World's Tallest - of COURSE!
Guns, Gold and God
Is Mr Z the One?
A Truly Capital City
Rebooting the Universe
Greens Are Taking Over
Computing Overhead
Thinking Is the Best Way to Travel
My House Is Flagged
The Big Shakeup
When Bigger Is Not Better
Changing and Unchanging
The Heart of Our City
Guest of Honour
All Things Come to an End
Arc en Ciel Maison
When Mechanical Engineers Were King
Taking a Broad View of Things
My Life Is Based on a True Story
All Is Well in Wellington
Beautiful from All Directions
Lighting Up Our Lives
Kept in the Dark
Wellington's Navel
Wellington de la Luna
The High-Tech Hills?
Correct Change
This Is the DARK Side?
Toughing It Out
How Green Was My Valley
Measuring Up
How Big, Hot, Tall, Crowded, and Rich?
Around the Bend
Around Again
New Zealand Has a Few
Act Like You Like It
Kiwis Have a Polished Culture
A Bargain
Modern Life
She Cried for Months
Working It Out
Which Way to Go?
The Best Boss?
A Variety of Riches...
Business is Growing
Everything Is Green
Reuben, Reuben I've Been Thinking
Family Volunteer
A Waste to Refuse
To Whom It Does Not Belong
Johnny's Rotten
On the Front Line
Trained to Track
Exchange-Rate Theory
Prime Time
Awkward Intimacies
Getting It Write
This Is Your Life
Tough Choices to Make
Shrinking Populations?
Thought Constraints
Workplace "Couples": Good or Bad?
Better than What?
Black Humour
Flip Side
On Dependents Day
Part of My Time Is Mine
Zero Return Investment
Too Much to Pay
The Intro
How We Came to Immigrate
Sources of Information
I Quit!
We Managed to Lose It
I Trust This Is Really a Deed?
FRFL Prospectus Amendment
FRFL Directory
FRFL Annual Return 1991
Another Word for That Is?
Registrars Request
Companies Office Speaks (Pg 1)
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SFO 'Happy' over Migrant Scheme Claims Manager
Flat Rock Collapse Flattens Creditors
Investors Are Not without Help!
You Make Me Novice
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Who Loses with "No-Win, No-Fee"?
Merger or Acquisition?
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What we call the beginning is often the end.  And to make an end is to make a beginning.  The end is where we start from.

- T S Eliot