A Sense of Humour, Please!


An Insider’s Guide to the ‘Stans (Ex-Soviet Central Asia and Its Peoples)

Russia is a part of European culture.
Therefore, it is with difficulty that I imagine NATO as an enemy.

- Vladimir Putin

The secret of politics?  Make a good treaty with Russia.

- Otto von Bismarck

by Moq

A (perhaps) helpful introduction:

Uzbeks are the Germans of Central Asia.  There's lots of them, they spill over borders.  They like hard work, lack much of a sense of humour, are very clean, think they should run the region, are plain and hefty to look at, sing the praises of stodgy food in vast quantities, and are cordially despised by their neighbours, whom they regard as a bunch of degenerate nomads and Russian-lickspittles.

The Kazakhs are the Americans of Central Asia.  They like wide open spaces, big slabs of meat, crude oil, horses, and whoopin' an' a-hollerin'.  They are divided into three groups:

bulletThe Great Horde in the East, which is dominant
bulletThe Little Horde in the West, which is innovative and has the natural resources
bulletThe Middle Horde, which sits in the middle of wheat fields and gets jeered at by the rest.

They think they should run Central Asia and don't give a monkey's knackers for any of their neighbours except the Russians, whose spit they lickle.

The Tajiks are the Irish of Central Asia.  An ancient and cultured people, fond of singing and poetry, they are proud of their descent from the Persians.  They inhabit a small, beautiful country, but are often more divided north against south than they are united.  And God gave them a right bunch of bastards as neighbours.  They have the strongest trend of religious fanaticism in the region, and are the only country to have had a proper civil war.  They know that when they ran Central Asia sure it was grand, and that's good enough for them.  There's also millions of them running another country - Afghanistan - and think they're doing a good enough job of that.  They think their neighbours are degenerate nomads, but agree with most of them on the urgent need to lick Russian spittle.  Their neighbours think they have girly voices and lead the regional pederasty league.

The Kyrgyz are the Welsh of Central Asia.  They're jolly, profoundly democratic, and inhabit a beautiful, mountainous country that no one visits and which has no natural resources at all except for some gold and clapped-out mining.  They are divided north and south in lifestyle and geographical orientation, and are widely associated with sheep-related activities.  They still practice droving, and have the worst cuisine in the world.  Their southern valleys are home to heroin connoisseurs.  They have never ruled anything, not even Kyrgyzstan, and don't really seem to care.  They think their neighbours are soft and secretly wish they too were Kyrgyz.  Their neighbours rarely think of them at all, except in a comic context, but if pushed will say they distrust them as sly and two-faced.  Russian spittle-licking suits them just fine, and hey, Ivan, why don't you buy some of our lovely smack while you're here?

The Turkmen are the Albanians of Europe.  A good-looking people with a strict code of honour, they also have a remarkable social grace.  No one has any idea where they came from, and think it unwise to ask.  Their language is full of lisping sounds.  Their neighbours don't really take them seriously, but wouldn't push the point of actually telling them that to their face.  They really like knives, and are to be found where ever there is trouble in the general region, such as Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey.  There's no reason why their country couldn't be a going concern given its good location, abundant hydrocarbon resources and small industrious population.  Sadly, they are run by a f***ing lunatic.  Their neighbours feel a little sorry for their having to cope with him, but not as sorry as they themselves feel about having to do the same.  The Turkmen are not really aware that they have any neighbours, just potentially new camel parks full of poofs.

"Moq" works for the BBC Monitoring Service in Caversham

Source: cinderellabloggerfeller.blogspot.com

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