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Looking at the Book with Both Hands...

Translation is the art of failure.

- Umberto Eco

I don't mean to belittle this site.  I'm sure this product fills a need and would be welcomed (and bought!) by many.  I am including a copy of this page because I thought the computer-generated translation was so bizarre as to be hysterically funny.  I hope you agree...

Commodity ID: Ho53 MEN'SOM (メンズソム)
メンズソム Size: (Box) 35cm×38cm×27cm
Dynamic work: Piston vibration

Fully automatic hand コキマシーン.
While looking at the エロ book with the both hands, discharge!
The machine of dream of the men who are present finally.
Usually price: XXYEN 39800
Special price
XXYEN 35800

Commodity preview
メンズソム MEN'S SOM started doing finally.
Fully automatic hand コキマシーン.
It is the real group which moves with power source for home.
AC adapter
As for pamphlet of manufacturer announcement this
メンズソム Not using, the あ - the hand to the イケ cod it is good
This エロ book being heavy, the one hand difficult, to read
Fast forward of エロビデオ smooth

Please leave to メンズソム.
メンズソム As in the left figure you use.
メンズソム It is the controller section.
The tip of the controller vibrates.
(ON/OFF strength adjustment possibility)
As for analog Ra one in the rear end, so as for the one which is not while hand コキ you being done, it redoubles pleasant sensation with adding the vibration to the turtle head.
The hand コキ section switch can adjust the speed of hand コ キ.
メンズソム That the penis also will be long, probably will have gotten fat, that it probably will have lost weight, you can adjust height with the coconut.
メンズソム It is the amplitude section. Here moves up and down.
メンズソム You can remove the hand freely.
The hole of the soft rubber has belonged on secret plan side.
First, after installing the hole when the son is made to cause 勃 when you install the hand in the substance, program was good, is.
メンズソム The rubber is hard fairly well the め.
If here is good, saying it was not.
But, to supply the penis, it extends sufficiently.
メンズソム The penis being thick, the hand outside spreads.
メンズソム When the AC adapter is inserted.
メンズソム For safety if load increases, the machine stops. The fact that the lotion is applied fully is secret of smooth hand.  One for when the lotion drying, the water is necessary.  The room where especially air conditioning is effective being to be easy to dry, in order to make the lotion revive which dries please prepares the water even in the glass.  When (it dries, the water is dropped a little).  Being to be able to adjust height, wanting making the turtle head main when and, the pole and the kalium, please try adjusting freely with the height which you like.  In addition, while hand to be done, when you move the waist a little even by your, there being an unexpected characteristic, feeling it is good, is.
メンズソム If the hole is not good, it is exchange!  Sailor 7 was installed experimentally.  Furthermore, if the part of this hand is held down, whether elastic cord braid kana it is, the gap where the hole appears in foreward is held down, the world of new spreads.  I recommend the magic tape.  When (at a time 1cm it cuts the magic tape where the both sides tape has been attached, sticks on the both ends of the hand, furthermore it can adhere to the place where it sticks with the magic tape of 10cm, the hole foreward (ventral side) held down the phenomenon which is pushed out and the れ increased.)
メンズソム Because it is large amount, if at the beginning, the commodity is not good, without selling, that it probably will leave, 1 unit obtaining, the test rice て you saw.
Setting and customization are certainly difficult, but being with the commodity which it comes out properly, to be good and to be, it finished to step on in sale.
Thin of the meat mono you call the hole which is used in customization it is feeling.

Sorry! Japanese only

Toy mail order large devil of adult
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Source: daimaoh.kir.jp translated at babelfish.altavista.com

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