Every Story Needs a Good Ending



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- Phillip Adams

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This short was done with 3DS Max 7 and Adobe After Effects using 50% keyframing and 50% motion capture.  Artist Till Nowak rendered the original in 1280 x 720 pixel resolution at 25 frames/second.  Each frame took 5 - 30 minutes of rendering time - he had up to 10 PCs rendering over a period of about 4 months.  To get the production done in 6 months, he began rendering early scenes after the first month of production but of course many of the scenes contained errors or continuity mistakes so much was rendered twice.  (Only twice?)

He says that the big challenge is to create an appropriate ending for a good story - don't let it end arbitrarily because then even the best visual effects can't create a deep impression.  Contact Till at till.nowak@framebox.de.  See framebox.de for his company's website or visit YouTube for a higher-quality version of this lovely short film.

Sources: deathfall.com and delivery.framebox.de/tillnowak.htm

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