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I Started out Looking for a Song Called "My Garden State..."

Fools are my theme, let satire be my song.

- Lord Byron

This message was posted via the Feedback form on the 2nd of October 2004:

Name: Mel Greenwald
Phone: 43 662 624879

[You have written on your page "That New Jersey State of Mind"] ..."Its repertoire includes an original song called My Garden State, which ends with the line 'I want to live and die in dear old Jersey, along the blue Atlantic shore'...

Hi Folks

I learned this song at Livingston (elementary) School in New Brunswick in the late '50s!!  Anybody have any more information about it?

Best Regards,

Well, I didn't know anything about it (but see NOTE at the bottom of the page), but I figured I could find out something on the internet - you can find anything on the internet, right?  I searched for My Garden State song title and turned up the following:

My Garden State

Song title:  My Garden State
Notes:  c1959
Author:  Mohr, Edna
Genre: Jersey Tunes
First Line:  A trout stream rushing down a mountain side...

My Garden State (New Jersey)

Song title:  My Garden State (New Jersey)
Notes:  c1941
Author:  Hinkle, Leroy C
Genre:  Jersey Tunes
First Line:  Wild flowers grow in my native state...
First Chorus Line:  My Garden State, I love to sing sweet songs of thee...

Were either of these what Mel was looking for?  There wasn't enough information to tell.  I could find no instance anywhere that either song had been recorded, nor could I find lyrics.  Not being familiar with New Jersey's state song, I wondered if the song he sought was, in fact, just that.  I thought perhaps I could find out more information if I searched for it under that description.  That's when I discovered that New Jersey is the only state without a state song.  Further, there had been a bit of contention over just which song should be selected.  There were 3 songs that had been considered, although none of the 3 could muster enough support to actually wend its way through the process of legislation.  Were any of these songs the one I sought?  It didn't look like it.  I could only find complete lyrics for the first one below, but I listened to the words on the other two and never heard anything about the "blue Atlantic shore..."

Contender #1

This is a 204 kb .mp3 file...

I'm from New Jersey

by Red Mascara (verse and music)

I know of a state that's a perfect playland with white sandy beaches by the sea;
With fun-filled mountains, lakes and parks, and folks with hospitality;
With historic towns where battles were fought, and presidents have made their home;
It's called New Jersey, and I toast and tout it wherever I may roam. 'Cause...

First Chorus

I'M FROM NEW JERSEY and I'm proud about it, I love the Garden State.
I'M FROM NEW JERSEY and I want to shout it, I think it's simply great.
All of the other states throughout the nation may mean a lot to some;
But I wouldn't want another, Jersey is like no other, I'm glad that's where I'm from.

Second Chorus

If you want glamour, try Atlantic City or Wildwood by the sea;
Then there is Trenton, Princeton, and Fort Monmouth, they all made history.
Each little town has got that certain something, from High Point to Cape May;
And some place like Mantoloking, Phillipsburg, or Hoboken will steal your heart away.

This song passed both Legislative Houses in 1972 but was not signed into law by the Governor.  © 1961, 1989 Red Mascara all rights reserved


Contender #2

This is a 2.4 meg .mp3 file...

In New Jersey

written by a class of fourth-graders at Van Holten School in Bridgewater

There's a place where people go that's beautiful when capped with snow.  In summer ocean breezes blow around.
Where autumn leaves dance with grace, in springtime gardens set the pace.
The beauty of our state is all around.

In New Jersey there are mountains
In New Jersey, Pine Barren trees.
In New Jersey, there is diversity.
New Jersey land of history.

Source: 13 April 2003

Contender #3

This is a 2.3 meg .mp3 file...

New Jersey, My Home

by Patrick Finley of Teaneck

You’re the cry of revolution,
You’re the singing of a children’s choir.
You’re the voice of Thomas Edison
And all that he inspired.
You’re Leaves of Grass and Salem’s oak,
With its green, majestic dome.
You’re a glorious page of history,
New Jersey, my home.

Source: 13 April 2003

Contender #4

None of the above.

They're All Awful

Time to Vote!

I heard from some really nice people named Mark Winter and Ellen Winter that they have written a song which they think should be the New Jersey state song.  Do I agree?  I don't know, because their file is a RAM file which my computer won't play.  But if yours can, visit their site at where they also have the lyrics posted and a photo of themselves and a link to Wikipedia which indicates there are other songs in the running to be New Jersey's state song - yet still nothing has happened.  Maybe the state enjoys the distinction of not having one?  (Virginia, it seems, is the only other state without one.)

Best NJ State Song?

Which is your favourite song?

Show Results

Send me an email with comments (which I will post if you don't mind) or submit a song of your own!  (It could make you quasi-famous if you write New Jersey's state song.)


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Subject: Song
Date: 8 Jun 2005

Comments: Here are the lyrics I learned in elementary school to the song My Garden State.

My Garden State

My Garden State I want to sing sweet songs to thee,
Field and fountain, hill and mountain,
Blend in harmony.
My Garden state I'll sing your praises evermore,
I want to live and die in dear old Jersey on the blue Atlantic shore.

Thanks very much!

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Subject: New Jersey Songs
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 17:17:18 EST

My father found some sheet music in an old box.  It was New Jersey My Garden State by LeRoy C Hinkle.  It also has the state seal on the back.  Do you want me to scan the music for you or write down the lyrics?

I've heard they are looking for someone to write a state song and they're paying $250.000.  Is this accurate?

Diana Romer
Vineland, NJ


That would be lovely!  That is the song I started out looking for in the beginning.  I'd take either lyrics or music (or - gasp - both?).

I haven't heard about the $250,000 - it may very well be true as they paid that much for someone to come up with a state slogan ("We'll win you over") that they didn't even USE!

Thanks SO much for writing.


When I get a chance, I'll include a midi recording of this song in the state song voting above.  For now, the sheet music is located here.  (The page is about half a meg.)

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