What Makes a Country


How Many Countries in the World?

You can't be a Real Country unless you have A BEER and an airline -
it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a BEER.

- Frank Zappa (1940-93)
  US rock musician

The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.

- Benjamin Disraeli

Map of World Population Distribution

This question isn't as easy to answer as you might think.  Supposedly, each country has a two-letter-designation (TLD) assigned to them for the internet - only some entities that aren't countries (including a few uninhabited islands) have a TLD as well.  The US Postal Service (USPS) has a list of countries on their website - only they include some places that are no longer countries or that aren't quite countries.  I tried the UN - they had a list of countries that are members - and stress there are non-member countries not listed.  I went to an encyclopedia site (about.com - WWW) that purported to have a list of all countries - of course, its list didn't match any of the others.  (The Visit column below denotes countries that have visited this website in the last 3 months.  This is what motivated me to create this page - I wondered how many countries had not visited and found determining what was a "country" difficult.)  Finally, I went to the CIA factsheet website for their list - only to find they included oceans and even world in their country list (along with lots of other debris), so I didn't list them because their list was too long, though you may want to give them a visit (all URLs are at the bottom of this page).

Here's my best shot.  I'll keep working on this.  Explanatory notes are also at the bottom of the page.

TLD USPS UN WWW Visit Name See Also: Admitted: UN Notes
  x     - Afars Djibouti    
AF x x x x Afghanistan   19-Nov-46  
AL x x x x Albania   14-Dec-55  
DZ x x x x Algeria   8-Oct-62  
AS x     x American Samoa     US possession
AD x x x x Andorra   28-Jul-93  
AO x x x x Angola   1-Dec-76  
AI x     x Anguilla Saint Kitts and Nevis NOTE2, NOTE4   British dependency; 7k people, received independence from Saint Kitts and Nevis in 1980
AQ       x Antarctica     Not generally considered a country; 14 million sq km; 4k (in summer) people (1k in winter)
AG x x x x Antigua and Barbuda NOTE2 11-Nov-81  
AR x x x x Argentina   24-Oct-45  
AM x x x x Armenia   2-Mar-92  
AW x     x Aruba Netherlands Antilles    
AC x     x Ascension     Interesting history
AU x x x x Australia   1-Nov-45  
AT x x x x Austria   14-Dec-45  
AZ x x x x Azerbaijan   9-Mar-92  
BS x x x x Bahamas about.com says Commonwealth of the Bahamas NOTE2 18-Sep-73 700 islands and 2400 uninhabited islets; 300k people
BH x x x x Bahrain   21-Sep-71  
BD x x x x Bangladesh   17-Sep-74  
BB x x x x Barbados NOTE2 9-Dec-66  
BY x x x x Belarus Byelorussia 19-Sep-91 Byelorussia until then; would like to merge w/ Russia; feeling not mutual
BE x x x x Belgium   27-Dec-45  
BZ x x x x Belize British Honduras 25-Sep-81 formerly British Honduras
BJ x x x x Benin   20-Sep-60  
BM       x Bermuda     UK territory; E of NC; 53.3sqkm; 138 coral islands; no freshwater rivers or lakes; 64k people; formerly Somers Island
BT x x x x Bhutan   21-Sep-71  
BO x x x x Bolivia   14-Nov-45  
BA x x x x Bosnia-Herzegovina UN, About.com say Bosnia and Herzegovina 22-May-92 Complicated history
BW x x x x Botswana   17-Oct-66  
BV       - Bouvet Island     Norwegian territory tld is reserved; uninhabited; SSW of the Cape of Good Hope (S Africa); 58.5 sq km
BR x x x x Brazil   24-Oct-45  
IO       x British Indian Ocean Territory     Inhabitants evacuated to Mauritius; only US/UK Military left
VG       x British Virgin Islands NOTE2   British dependency; 6 of the 9 major islands, 25 of 75 minor islets
BN x x x x Brunei Darussalam about.com calls it Brunei 21-Sep-64  
BG x x x x Bulgaria   14-Dec-55  
BF x x x x Burkina Faso   20-Sep-60  
  x     - Burma See Myanmar; USPS still says it's Burma; NOTE6   Known as Myanmar since 1989 after name change by military
BI x x x x Burundi   18-Sep-62  
KH x x x x Cambodia   14-Dec-55  
CM x x x x Cameroon   20-Sep-60  
CA x x x x Canada   9-Nov-45  
CV x x x x Cape Verde   16-Sep-75 off the coast of Western Africa; population 410k; 42% of the population is under 14; 4,033 sq km
KY x     x Cayman Islands NOTE2   British dependency
CF x x x x Central African Republic   20-Sep-60  
TD x x x   Chad (also Tchad)   20-Sep-60  
        - Channel Islands See Jersey, Guernsey as separate entries   Alderney, Sark, Jersey, Guernsey
CL x x x x Chile   24-Oct-45  
CN x x x x China (includes Tibet)   24-Oct-45 Several territorial disputes include China (Spratlys, Kashmir)
CX x     x Christmas Island      
CC       x Cocos (Keeling) Islands Some sources say only Cocos Islands   27 coral islands in the Indian Ocean 1/2 between Sri Lanka & Australia; territory of Australia; 14 sq km pop 632
CO x x x x Colombia See Caribbean map 5-Nov-45  
KM x x x   Comoros(, Federal Islamic Republic of)   12-Nov-75 4 main volcanic islands; one, Mayotte, is now independent but has a relationship with France
CG x x x x Congo (Brazzaville, Republic of the   20-Sep-60 former French region of Middle Congo; 342k sq km; 3 million people
CD x x x x Congo, Democratic Republic of the   20-Sep-60 formerly Belgian Congo, then renamed Zaire, now back to Congo
CK       x Cook Islands     Self-governing in free association with NZ; 240 sq km; 7 coral atolls 8 volcanic isles pop 20k; former Harvey Islands
CR x x x x Costa Rica See Caribbean map 2-Nov-45  
CI x x x x Cote d'lvoire   20-Sep-60  
HR x x x x Croatia (Hrvatska), the Republic of about.com says Croatia 22-May-92 formerly Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
CU x x x x Cuba See Caribbean map 24-Oct-45  
CY x x x x Cyprus   20-Sep-60  
CZ x x x x Czech Republic   19-Jan-93  
CS       x (former)Czechosolovia   originally
DK x x x x Denmark   24-Oct-45  
DJ x x x x Djibouti   20-Sep-77 formerly French Somaliland and French Territory of the Afars and Issas; eastern Africa 22,000 sq km 450+k people
DM x x x x Dominica NOTE2 18-Dec-78  
DO x x x x Dominican Republic See Caribbean map 24-Oct-45  
        - East Timor See Timor-L'este    
EC x x x x Ecuador   21-Dec-45  
EG x x x x Egypt   24-Oct-45  
SV x x x x El Salvador   24-Oct-45  
GQ x x x x Equatorial Guinea See West Africa and Oil 12-Nov-68  
ER x x x x Eritrea   28-May-93  
EE x x x x Estonia   17-Sep-91  
ET x x x x Ethiopia   13-Nov-45  
FK x       Falkland Islands See South Georgia   British protectorate (they fought a war over them not long ago); also called Malvinas
FO x     x Faroe Islands     Also spelled Faeroe
FJ x x x x Fiji   13-Oct-70  
FI x x x x Finland   14-Dec-55  
FR x x x x France   24-Oct-45  
FX       ? France (European Territory) Apparently no longer assigned   possibly Corsica?
GF x       French Guiana (Guyana)      
PF x     x French Polynesia     Society Islands, Tuamotu Islands, Marquisas Islands, Gambier Islands, Austral Islands
TF         French Southern Territories and Antarctic Lands     no permanent inhabitants
        - French West Indies See Guadeloupe or Martinique    
  x   x - Futuna See Wallis and Futuna Islands    
GA x x x x Gabon   20-Sep-60  
GM x x x x Gambia about.com says The Gambia 21-Sep-65  
GE x x x x Georgia, Republic of UN, about.com list only as Georgia 31-Jul-92  
DE x x x x Germany   originally
UN joined East and West 3-Nov-90
GH x x x x Ghana   8-Mar-57  
GI x     x Gibraltar     British; this is disputed by Spain; may soon change hands, though residents not pleased
GB x     x Great Britain See United Kingdom    
  x     - Great Britain and Northern Ireland      
GR x x x x Greece   25-Oct-45  
GL x     x Greenland      
GD x x x x Grenada NOTE2 17-Sep-74  
  x     - Grenadines See Saint Vincent and the Grenadines    
GP x     x Guadeloupe part of French West Indies with Martinique
See Caribbean map
GU x     x Guam     US territory 161,000 people; largest and southernmost island in Marianas Archipelago
GT x x x x Guatemala   21-Nov-45  
GG       x Guernsey (Channel Islands)      
GN x x x x Guinea   12-Dec-58  
GW x x x   Guinea-Bissau   17-Sep-74  
GY x x x x Guyana   20-Sep-66 formerly British Guiana
HT x x x x Haiti See Caribbean map 24-Oct-45  
HM       x Heard and McDonald Islands     subantarctic Australian nature preserve; barren, uninhabited
HN x x x x Honduras   17-Dec-45  
HK x     x Hong Kong     Chinese territory
HU x x x x Hungary   14-Dec-55  
IS x x x x Iceland   19-Nov-46  
IN x x x x India   30-Oct-45  
ID x x x x Indonesia   28-Sep-50 Quit UN 20-Jan-65 rejoined 28-Sep-66
IR x x x x Iran (Islamic Republic of)   24-Oct-45 formerly Persia
IQ x x x x Iraq See Middle East 21-Dec-45  
IE x x x x Ireland (Eire)   14-Dec-55  
IM       x Isle of Man      
  x     - Isle of Pines See Caribbean map   ceded by the US to Cuba in 1925, though, curiously, many Americans continued to live there; 1902 sq mi
IL x x x x Israel See Middle East 11-May-49  
  x     - Issas See Djibouti   name change in 1977; eastern Africa
IT x x x x Italy   14-Dec-55  
JM x x x x Jamaica NOTE2 18-Dec-62 2.3 million people
JP x x x x Japan   18-Dec-56  
JE       x Jersey (Channel Islands)      
JO x x x x Jordan See Middle East 14-Dec-55 formerly Trans-Jordan; was also called Hashemite Kingdom
  x     - Kalimantan     Indonesia - balance of island of Borneo not Brunei or Malaysia; Dayaks are killing Muslim Madurese relocated there by govt
KZ x x x x Kazakhstan See Guide to the 'Stans 2-Mar-92  
KE x x x x Kenya   16-Dec-63  
KI x x x x Kiribati   14-Sep-99 formerly Gilbert Islands
KP x x x - Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic of (North Korea) about.com lists North Korea 17-Sep-91  
KR x x x x Korea, Republic of (South Korea) about.com lists South Korea 17-Sep-91  
  x     - Koror See Palau   This is the capital of Palau
KW x x x x Kuwait   14-May-63  
KG x x x x Kyrgyzstan See Guide to the 'Stans 2-Mar-92  
LA x x x x Lao People's Democratic Republic about.com lists Laos 14-Dec-55  
LV x x x x Latvia   17-Sep-91  
LB x x x x Lebanon   24-Oct-45 Also see Two Opposing Views for history of the area
LS x x x x Lesotho   17-Oct-66  
LR x x x x Liberia   2-Nov-45  
LY x x x x Libyan (also spelled Lybian) Arab Jamahiriya about.com lists Libya 14-Dec-55  
LI x x x x Liechtenstein, Principality of   18-Sep-90 between Austria & Switzerland; 160 sq km; 33k people; very prosperous, low (18%) taxes
LT x x x x Lithuania   17-Sep-91  
LU x x x x Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of   24-Oct-45 Founded in 963; 2,586 sq km, roughly 500k people; wealthy
MO x     x Macao (Macau)     Chinese sovereignty as a "special administrative region" since 20-December-1999; was Portuguese
MK x x x x Macedonia(, Republic of) The former Yugoslav Republic of about.com lists Macedonia though name disputed by Greece 8-Apr-93 formerly part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; name dispute
MG x x x x Madagascar See also French Southern Territories 20-Sep-60 Malagasy Republic
  x     - Madena Islands      
MW x x x x Malawi   1-Dec-64  
MY x x x x Malaysia Sabah is North Borneo 17-Sep-57 formerly Federation of Malaya until 16-Sep-63 when Singapore, Sabah, Sarawak added; Singapore left 9-Aug-65
MV x x x x Maldives   21-Sep-65  
ML x x x x Mali   28-Sep-60  
MT x x x x Malta   1-Dec-64 Islands south of Sicily; 316 sq km; 400k people; not enough fresh water - relies on desalinisation
MH x x x x Marshall Islands(, Republic of the)   17-Dec-61 US Trust Territory along with Mariana and Caroline archipelagos; compact of Free Association 1986
MQ x     x Martinique part of French West Indies with Guadeloupe See map    
MR x x x x Mauritania   7-Oct-61  
MU x x x x Mauritius See also French Southern Territories 24-Apr-68  
YT       - Mayotte claimed by both Comoros and France Currently unused   part of the Comoros archipelago; 200,000 people
MX x x x x Mexico   7-Nov-45  
FM x x x x Micronesia(, Federated States of)   17-Sep-91 4 states: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae
  x     - Midway Islands (See USA Minor Outlying Islands)      
  x     - Miquelon (See Saint Pierre and Miquelon)      
MD x x x x Moldova, Republic of about.com says Moldova 2-Mar-92 Moldavia
MC   x x x Monaco USPS says country is owned by France 28-May-93 southern coast of France; 1.95 sq km; 32k people; defence is the responsibility of France
MN x x x x Mongolia   27-Oct-61  
MS x     x Montserrat NOTE2   British dependency
MA x x x x Morocco   12-Nov-56  
MZ x x x x Mozambique   16-Sep-75  
MM x x x x Myanmar USPS says Burma; NOTE6 19-Apr-48 formerly Burma; name changed in 1989 by the military
NA x x x x Namibia (South-West Africa)   23-Apr-90  
NR x x x x Nauru   14-Sep-99 21 sq km
NP x x x x Nepal   14-Dec-55  
NL x x x x Netherlands   10-Dec-45 also known as Holland
AN x     x Netherlands Antilles (Netherlands West Indies)      
NT       x Neutral Zone     Apparently disputed parts of Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, now discontinued
  x     - Nevis (See Saint Christopher and Nevis)      
NC x     x New Caledonia     owned by France; Loyalty Islands
NZ x x x x New Zealand   24-Oct-45 Aotearoa
NI x x x x Nicaragua See Caribbean map 24-Oct-45  
NE x x x x Niger   20-Sep-60  
NG x x x x Nigeria   7-Oct-60  
NU       x Niue (New Zealand)     260 sq km
NF       x Norfolk Island (Australia)      
MP x     x Northern Mariana Islands, Commonwealth of      
NO x x x x Norway   27-Nov-45  
OM x x x x Oman   7-Oct-71  
PK x x x x Pakistan   30-Sep-47  
PW x x x x Palau   15-Dec-94 US Possession; more than 300 of the westernmost Caroline Islands, SE of Philippines; 458 sq km 19.5k people
PS       x Palestinian Territories, Occupied See Middle East    West Bank and Gaza; total 3.5 million people; status vague; not a country, nor exactly part of Israel; each listed by CIA as separate countries
PA x x x x Panama See Caribbean map 13-Nov-45  
PG x x x x Papua New Guinea   10-Oct-75 Admiralty Islands
PY x x x x Paraguay   24-Oct-45  
PE x x x x Peru   31-Oct-45  
PH x x x x Philippines   24-Oct-45  
PN x     x Pitcairn Island     47 sq km
PO x x x x Poland   24-Oct-45  
PT x x x x Portugal   14-Dec-55  
PR x   x x Puerto Rico See Caribbean map   US Commonwealth; 4 million people
QA x x x x Qatar   21-Sep-71  
RE x     x Réunion (French)     750,000 people; in the Indian Ocean
RO x x x x Romania   14-Dec-55  
RU x x x x Russian Federation about.com lists Russia 24-Oct-45 formerly USSR; name changed 24-Dec-91; 11 countries in Commonwealth of Independent States
RW x x x x Rwanda   18-Sep-62  
  x     - Saint Barthelemy USPS says St Barthelemy; also called St Barts
See Caribbean map
  named for Columbus' brother; owned by French, Maltese, Caribs, French, Swedes, now French again; dependency of Guadeloupe
  x     - Saint Christopher and Nevis See Saint Kitts and Nevis See Caribbean map    
SH x     x Saint Helena      
  x     - Saint Kitts USPS says St Kitts; See Saint Kitts and Nevis    
KN x x x x Saint Kitts and Nevis NOTE2 23-Sep-83 Saint Kitts formerly called Saint Christopher; 39k people; Anguilla received independence in 1980
LC x x x x Saint Lucia NOTE2 18-Sep-79  
PM x     x Saint Pierre and Miquelon      
  x     - Saint Vincent USPS says St Vincent; see Saint Vincent and the Grenadines    
VC x x x x Saint Vincent and the Grenadines NOTE2 16-Sep-80  
    x x x Samoa USPS says ONLY Western Samoa; NOTE3 15-Dec-76  
SM x x x x San Marino   2-Mar-92  
ST x x x x São Tomé and Principe   16-Sep-75 Two islands and smaller islets off the coast of Gabon; on the equator
SA x x x x Saudi Arabia   24-Oct-45 See also Iraq for origins of the present-day country
SN x x x x Senegal   28-Sep-60  
  x   x - Serbia and Montenegro [State Community of] -(also see Yugoslavia) NOTE7 about.com lists Serbia and Montenegro [Yugoslavia]   Yugoslavia has an interesting and complex history
SC x x x x Seychelles   21-Sep-76  
SL x x x x Sierra Leone   27-Sep-61  
SG x x x x Singapore   21-Sep-65  
SK x x x x Slovakia (Slovak Republic)   19-Jan-93 formerly part of Czechoslovakia; name change 31-Dec-1992
SI x x x x Slovenia, Republic of   22-May-92 formerly part of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
SB x x x x Solomon Islands   19-Sep-78  
SO x x x - Somalia Currently unused 20-Sep-60 Somililand; Somali Democratic Republic
ZA x x x x South Africa   7-Nov-45  
GS     x x South Georgia and South Sandwich Isles USPS lists only S Georgia; says part of Falklands NOTE5   British protectorate since 1908; volcanic; uninhabited (2000 people during height of whaling);
ES x x x x Spain   14-Dec-55  
LK x x x x Sri Lanka   14-Dec-55 formerly Ceylon
SD x x x x Sudan   12-Nov-56  
SR x x x x Suriname   4-Dec-75  
SJ       - Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Not in use   Norwegian territories near Arctic; Svalbard 62,049 sq km 4 main 150 small islands, 2,868 people; Jan Mayen 373 sq km; radio station personnel only
SZ x x x x Swaziland   24-Sep-68  
SE x x x x Sweden   19-Nov-45  
CH x x x x Switzerland   10-Sep-02  
SY x x x x Syrian Arab Republic See Middle East
about.com says Syria
TW x   x x Taiwan, Province of China USPS, about.com list Taiwan   formerly Formosa; status disputed; "special" member (to please China) of groups like Olympics and (soon) WTO
TJ x x x x Tajikistan See Guide to the 'Stans 2-Mar-92  
TZ x x x x Tanzania, United Republic of name change 26-Apr-64 1-Nov-64 formerly Tanganyika, admitted 14-Dec-61; Zanzibar 16-Dec-63; merged to be Tanzania; readmitted
TH x x x x Thailand   16-Dec-46 formerly Siam
TP x x x x Timor-L'este USPS, about.com say East Timor 27-Sep-02  
TG x x x x Togo   20-Sep-60  
TK x     x Tokelau (Union) Group (Samoa)      
TO x x x x Tonga   14-Sep-99 formerly called Friendly Islands
TT x x x x Trinidad and Tobago NOTE2 18-Sep-62  
  x     - Tristan da Cunha     Remotest inhabited island, British protectorate; < 300 people; mid-way between S Africa & S America
TN x x x x Tunisia   12-Nov-56  
TR x x x x Turkey   24-Oct-45  
TM x x x x Turkmenistan See Guide to the 'Stans 2-Mar-92  
TC x     x Turks and Caicos Islands NOTE2   British dependency
TV x x x x Tuvalu   5-Sep-00 formerly Ellice Islands; 9 coral atolls, 26 sq km
UG x x x x Uganda   25-Oct-62  
UA x x x x Ukraine   24-Oct-45  
AE x x x x United Arab Emirates   9-Dec-71  
UK   x x x United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland about.com lists United Kingdom NOTE1 24-Oct-45 England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
  x     - United Nations, New York      
US x x x x United States   24-Oct-45  
UM       - USA Minor Outlying Islands See list. Not in use   Baker, Howland, Jarvis, Johnston, Midway, Navassa, Palmyra, Wake, Enenkio
VI x     x US Virgin Islands See Caribbean map   US territory; 3 of 9 main islands, 50 of the 75 islets; 125k people
SU       x (former) USSR See Russian Federation    
UY x x x x Uruguay   18-Dec-45  
UZ x x x x Uzbekistan See Guide to the 'Stans 2-Mar-92  
VU x x x x Vanuatu   15-Dec-81  
VA x   x x Holy See/Vatican City      
VE x x x x Venezuela See Caribbean map 15-Nov-45  
VN x x x x Viet Nam (Vietnam) about.com says Vietnam 20-Sep-77  
WF x     x Wallis and Futuna Islands     Called Uvea by the Polynesians; the two island groups are 230km apart; 3 islands 20 islets
EH       - Western Sahara Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic   formerly part of Mauritania; annexed by Morocco 1979; disputed; independence recognised by 55 countries
WS x     x Western Samoa See Samoa NOTE3    
  x     - Yap Micronesia See Micronesia, Federated States of    
YE x x   x Yemen   30-Sep-47  
YU x x   x Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of NOTE7 about.com says Serbia-Montenegro 1-Nov-00 formerly part of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia; originally admitted to UN 19-Oct-45
ZR       - Zaire Now Congo, Democratic Republic of   formerly Zaire
ZM x x x x Zambia   1-Dec-64  
ZW x x x x Zimbabwe   25-Aug-80 formerly Rhodesia
          NOTE1 - the USPS lists Great Britain and Northern Island, NOT United Kingdom NOTE2 - The Commonwealth Caribbean Islands are Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Windward Islands (Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada), Barbados, the Leeward Islands (Antigua and Barbuda, St Christopher [now St Kitts] and Nevis, the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, and Montserrat), and the so-called Northern Islands (the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, and the Turks and Caicos Islands).  See map. NOTE3 - The USPS lists Savaii Island in Western Samoa as being owned by the British

NOTE4 - See Beneath an English Heaven by Donald E Westlake

NOTE5 see sgisland.org

NOTE6 - since 1989 military authorities in Burma have promoted the name Myanmar as a conventional name for their state, a decision not approved by any sitting legislature in Burma; the US government did not adopt the name, derived from the Burmese short-form name Myanma Naingngandaw

NOTE7 - February 2003 the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia officially became the State Community of Serbia and Montenegro

          No X in Col A means no TLD assigned for internet access See TLD world map and flags www4.plala.or.jp   No x in Col E means have not visited this website
          No x in Col B means not listed with the USPS See ircalc.usps.gov   You might also want to see CIA World Factbook
          No x in Col C means not a member of the UN See un.org   **UN information updated 27 Sep 2002**
          No x in Col D means not country on about.com See geography.about.com    

 "Countries" the CIA denoted that are not in the above list include: Arctic Ocean, Ashmore and Cartier Islands, Atlantic Ocean, Baker Island, Bassas da India, Clipperton Island, Coral Sea Islands, Europa Island, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Gaza Strip, Glorioso Islands, Howland Island, Indian Ocean, Jarvis Island, Johnston Atoll, Juan de Nova Island, Kingman Reef, Navassa Island, New Caledonia, Pacific Ocean, Palmyra Atoll, Paracel Islands, Southern Ocean, Spratly Islands, Tromelin Island, Wake Island, West Bank, Western Sahara, World.

"Countries" that the CIA did not mention (or else called something slightly different) include: Afars; Brunei Darussalam (they say only Brunei); Channel Islands; (former) Czechoslovakia; Comoros, Federal Islamic Republic of (they say only Comoros); French Southern Territories (they say French Southern and Antarctic Lands); French West Indies; Futuna (they say only Wallis and Futuna); Great Britain; Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Grenadines (they say only Saint Vincent and the Grenadines); Isle of Man (they say Man, Isle of); Isle of Pines; Issas; Kalimantan; Korea; Democratic People's Republic of (they say only Korea, North); Korea, Republic of (they say only Korea, South); Koror; Lao People's Democratic Republic (they say only Laos); Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (they say only Libya); Madena Islands; Miquelon (the say only Saint Pierre and Miquelon); Myanmar (they say only Burma); Neutral Zone; Nevis (they say only Saint Kitts and Nevis); Palestinian Territories, Occupied (they say Gaza Strip and West Bank); Russian Federation (they say only Russia); Saint Barthelemy, Saint Christopher and Nevis (they say only Saint Kitts and Nevis); Saint Vincent (they say only Saint Vincent and the Grenadines); Serbia-Montenegro (they say only Yugoslovia); Svalbard and Jan Mayen (they say each separately); Syrian Arab Republic (they only say Syria); Taiwan, Province of China (they only list Taiwan); Timor Leste (they only say East Timor); Tokelau (Union) Group (Samoa) (they only say Tokelau); Tristan de Cunha; United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (they say only United Kingdom); USA Minor Outlying Islands (they say each separately except for Enenkio, which is not listed at all); US Virgin Islands (they say only Virgin Islands); (former) USSR; Yap Micronesia; Zaire.

The ISO ALPHA-3 Code lists a country called Åland Islands, which is not included on any other list.

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