I Trust This Is Really a Deed


I Need My Deed

The deed is everything.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

A good deed never goes unpunished.

- Gore Vidal

The following letter, from Flat Rock Forests Trust's Manager, refers to the curious compiled deed, NOT to any official document.  According to the Manager, the compiled deed was used as their "working copy", despite the fact that the Trustee wrote a letter included at the front of the document saying they accept "...no responsibility or liability for the consequences of relying on the annotated version, if any part of it proves inaccurate."

The Trustee made that comment despite the fact that it was their law firm who created the document in the first place.


I guess that means no one is responsible...

Tony Hassed's request for the copy of the deed he used to answer unitholder questions - which
contained mention of a Trust Fund which officially didn't exist and omitted to mention one which did

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