NJ: Distribution of People and Farms


Population Distribution - 1990

The only difference between a pigeon and the American farmer today is that a pigeon can still make a deposit on a John Deere.

- Jim Hightower

This is a dot map which shows the geographic location pattern of people.
The highest concentration is in the northeast part of the state adjacent to New York City.  (What a surprise!)
 A smaller concentration is located across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, in the Trenton node,
and along the seashore, especially along the north shore and in the vicinity of Atlantic City.

Source: A Geography of New Jersey: The City in the Garden - Second Edition by Charles A Stansfield Jr 1998

According to Stansfield, New Jersey is more densely populated than most nations - exceptions are Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, South Korea, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Seeking a Kinder, Gentler New Jersey

Lighten up New Jersey.

That is the message from two politicians who have introduced a resolution aimed at promoting kindness and civility in the often edgy Garden State.  New Jersey Assemblymen Jon Bramnick and Gordon Johnson are encouraging residents to think twice about cutting off motorists in traffic, bumping patrons in the mall or grumbling loudly in long check-out lines.  "This state is densely populated.  The roads are crowded, the supermarkets are crowded.  It's easy to get frustrated," said Bramnick, a Republican.  "If we can get a discussion about being nice out into the public, I think it could effect the way people interact with one another."

Bramnick and Johnson's resolution, which is waiting for a hearing by an Assembly committee says "increased courtesy and respect among residents will reduce stress and make daily tasks more enjoyable," but does not aim to legislate behaviour.  "We need to have people sit down and talk to their friends about their beliefs, beyond giving a guy the middle finger on the highway," said Johnson, a Democrat.

Source: story.news.yahoo.com Wednesday 16 March 2005

Percentage of Land in Farms - 1992

This map illustrates the severe competition for farmland in the heavily urban-suburban northeastern part of New Jersey.
Camden and Morris counties also show the effects of suburbanisation while relative scarcity of farmland in Atlantic,
Cape May and Ocean counties is more reflective of poorer soils in the outer coastal plain.

Source: A Geography of New Jersey: The City in the Garden - Second Edition by Charles A Stansfield Jr 1998

New Jersey Median Home Prices

Take the following figures with a grain of salt.  Each source I ran across had different figures.  Sometimes the differences were slight but often they were quite large.  As near as I can tell, part of the discrepancy is based on vague definitions of the word "county" - with some actually meaning "counties and regions".  The differences were greatest in Monmouth, Mercer and Passaic Counties.


March 2000

March 2001

% Change

Sept 2005

% Change


Bergen(1) $245,000 $264,450  7.9 $549,200 14.63
Essex $150,000 $169,000 12.7 $463,300 11.99
Hudson $153,000 $177,000 15.7 $349,500 30.26
Hunterdon $265,000 $271,500  2.5 $531,900 15.33
Mercer $125,700 $139,000 10.6 $290,500 16.01
Middlesex $176,000 $180,000   2.3 $375,800 13.5
Monmouth $189,000 $214,000 13.2 $247,600 22.33
Morris $270,000 $310,995 15.2 $538,600 11.35%
Ocean $150,000 $159,650  6.4 $395,100 11.89
Passaic $157,500 $180,000 14.3 $377,600 9.86
Somerset $281,241 $291,000   3.5 $494,200 8.54
Sussex $140,000 $159,500 13.9 $306.700 7.88
Union $163,250 $182,000 11.5 $389,700 8.31
Warren $150,000 $159,900  6.6 322,600 10.63
(1) Bergen County figures are preliminary      

Source: The Best of New Jersey Friday 15 June 2001; the figures are from the New Jersey Association of Realtors; later figures nyjobsource.com

New Jersey Counties

Source: county-map.digital-topo-maps.com

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