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All the problems of the world could be settled easily if men were only willing to think.
The trouble is that men very often resort to all sorts of devices in order not to think, because thinking is such hard work.

- Thomas J Watson

Wives, partners, sisters, mothers, employers and females of all kinds: be nice to men.  They have a hard life, and it's getting harder all the time.  Remember the immortal words of the late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl Warren:

The front page records nothing but people's failures.  At least the sports page records their accomplishments.

And don't forget what Yul Brenner said:

When I am dead and buried, on my tombstone I would like to have it written, "I have arrived."  Because when you feel that you have arrived, you're dead.

Girls: cook a meal for your favourite man this weekend!  And consider giving him a bottle of multi-vitamins, a membership to the gym, a massage and tickets to the big game for Christmas.  He'll love you for it.


Source: Funny Times November 2000 funnytimes.com

A Moment of Clarity...

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Relative Social Values

by Jane Smiley

Let's say that one thing is true about women: they know who their children are.  The tension they feel is the tension between the claims of the self and the claims of the child, and once again the balance varies among individuals and over the course of a lifetime.  The high fertility of women suggests that nature favours culling rather than pre-selection as the mode of limiting the human population.  In this, nature is like the free market, which is never merciful nor safe in the short term or to the individual.

Free-market capitalism is very much like a large, vital ecosystem that balances itself over time by getting rid of this or that, individual or group.  As we proliferate, our value as units declines, and we have to enhance our value relative to others by offering a scarce talent or skill, or else combining with others to share both the work and the wealth.

Feminism has explored these ideas - sisterhood and entrepreneurship - both theoretically and practically.  The obvious course is to combine with men, the fathers of our children, as a way of avoiding the heartbreak of natural culling, but the success of feminism as an outgrowth of the free market requires the reconstitution of the marriage bond so that both men and women benefit from it.

At the turn of the millennium, that is where we find ourselves...

Source: Anderson Valley Advertiser 31 May 2000

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