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When Your Needs Overwhelm You...

Compassion is not quantitative.
Certainly it is true that behind every human being who cries out for help there may be a million or more equally entitled to attention.
But this is the poorest of all reasons for not helping the person whose cries you hear.
Where, then does one begin or stop?  How to choose?
How to determine which one of a million sounds surrounding you is more deserving than the rest?
Do not concern yourself in such speculations.  You will never know, you will never need to know.
Reach out and take hold of the one who happens to be nearest.
If you are never able to help or save another, at least you will have saved one.
To help put meaning into a single life may not produce universal regeneration,
but it happens to represent the basic form of energy in a society.
It is also the test of individual responsibility.

- Norman Cousins


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Source:; I believe this is part of an ad for Yellow Pages (if not, it certainly ought to be).

For some reason, this photo reminded me of the above clip...


Part 2

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Source:, - a Discovery Channel advertisement with a slight alteration from me

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