Emerald City


But No, This Isn't Oz...

Today is a... digital incarnation of Oz - the Internet - we are a motley group of fools from lions to scarecrows,
learning from each other, making and taking responsibility for our decisions,
and having fun as we skip down the yellow brick road of investing together!

- Lydia Vorsteveld

You may think it's a mistake to mess with Nature, even in a photograph.  I read an interesting book once that talked about how humans had evolved to "believe what they see with their own eyes".  With the advent of digital recording techniques, you should no longer believe what see with your own eyes unless it's happening real time (and sometimes not even then - see Can I Get a Witness?).

Just So You Don't Feel Cheated

Here Are Two Nice Pictures of the North Island...

For photos of the earth and moon, stained glass, sunsets on Wellington Harbour, Lady Fair, Civic Square, the old mill, the Whippany River, historical houses, Lake Parsippany and more click the "Up" button below to take you to the Index page for this Photographs section.

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