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Blow Me Down

Basically my wife was immature.  I'd be at home in the bath and she'd come in and sink my boats.

- Woody Allen

Hundreds Turn out to Farewell the Frigate Waikato

The former Navy frigate Waikato was sunk off the Northland on Saturday.  Horns blared, people cheered and fireworks erupted as the ship was sunk by explosives soon after midday.

The ship will now be used as a diving attraction near Tutukaka in the Bay of Islands, near another former Navy ship, the oceanographic vessel Tui.

Tutukaka Coast Promotions Society spokesman Malcolm Pullman said it had been spectacular and emotional watching the ship sink.  "It was reasonably dramatic, and for people who had served on the ship it was quite sad.  There were some former skippers who had served on the ship here to watch it."

Mr Pullman said at least 400 spectator craft turned out to watch the sinking in perfect, calm sea conditions.  After the explosives detonated, the ship sank in about 3 minutes. - NZPA

Source: The Evening Post Monday 27 November 2000


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Source: llnl.gov 

If you have any interest in explosions, I suggest you give their site a visit for some interesting detail...

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