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Wellington High Lights

Living in Wellington may be expensive, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun.

No matter where you go, there you are.

Veni, Vidi, Velcro.  (I came, I saw, I stuck around.)

- Weird Wellington Happenings and Links

Too bad you can't buy a voodoo globe so that you could make the earth spin real fast and freak everybody out.

- Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

Source: One of the two Wellington newspapers sometime in the year 2000 (I hate not being more specific than that, but I originally had cut out these satellite photos to hang on my wall.  I didn't think I'd ever need to know where they came from.  They are available multiple places, possibly at great cost.)

See also: - an interesting site where you can view the Earth from any satellite.  You can adjust the view, angle, and magnification.  The "Wellington - the Centre of the World" photo on the Wellington directory page came from there.

Wellington Runs "Rings" around San Francisco

Kiwi Capital Seems Oddly Familiar Yet Refreshingly Exotic

by John Finn


At Queen's Wharf I stopped to admire the monument to Paddy the Wanderer, a stray "ginger and brown Airedale" who became the unofficial mascot of the docks in the 1930s.  Cabbies took him for rides around Wellington, merchant seamen accompanied him to Australia, and a local pilot even took him up for a ride in an open-cockpit Gipsy Moth biplane.  When Paddy finally passed away, on 17 July 1939, Wellington's newspapers carried his obituary and a fleet of black taxis led the funeral procession.  The monument to him, made of stone salvaged after London's Waterloo Bridge was bombed in World War II, contains drinking fountains for both humans and dogs.  How can you not love a city that treats its strays this way?


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