Inadequate Ethics?

You're born with intelligence, but not with ethics.

- Massad Ayoob

According to a recent study by the Commerce Department at Massey University:

Despite substantial reforms of corporate and financial reporting laws along with the Stock Exchange's listing rules, since the early 1900s New Zealand's business environment - including ethics, disclosure and law enforcement - was still regarded widely as inadequate...

Source: The Dominion 9 February 2001 story by Craig Howie

Not much news, but what there is isn't bad.

I've turned over all relevant files, both hard and soft, to the Inspector.

I thought I'd come away with knowledge of how long this process will take to complete, but I didn't.  The files I left will need some processing and there are still a couple of important interviews to be conducted.

I feel hopeful of an outcome favourable to all unitholders.

I'll keep you posted.

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