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Bureaucracy defends the status quo long past the time when the quo has lost its status.

- Laurence J Peter

PO Box 6741

23 May 1999

Neville Harris
Registrar of Companies
C/O Companies Office
Private Bag 5901
Lambton Quay Post Office
Wellington 6030

Dear Mr Harris


As per a public notice placed in the 29 April 1999 Dominion by Gary Traveller, PricewaterhouseCoopers liquidator, I am writing to request that several companies not be removed from the Companies Office Register.  These companies include:

bulletClearwood Holdings Limited
bulletKai Iwi Forests Limited
bulletKenilworth Forests Limited
bulletLake Alice Forest Limited
bulletMedlicott Forest Limited
bulletRangitumau Forest Limited
bulletWaimea Holdings Limited

I am a unitholder in Flat Rock Forests Trust.  Some months ago, I discovered what I believe to be evidence of impropriety in the management of this Trust.  My husband and I have turned this evidence over to the Serious Fraud Office who have been investigating the Trust and its activities for the past several months.  We intend to join with other unitholders in a suit against both the Trust manager and Trustee, but we have temporarily suspended our activities to allow the SFO to gather what data they need unimpeded.

Unfortunately, I am a fairly recent immigrant and am still learning how things work legally here.  I was unaware that a company could be removed from the register, allowing the records to be destroyed, while a criminal investigation was underway.  I hope by stepping aside to allow the SFO to investigate, we haven’t missed access to what may prove useful documents through destruction of "useless" records.

Other companies in which I am interested are included in the table attached.  Some of these companies may already have been archived and records lost.  If not, I am requesting that they not be removed from the register until I and the other unitholders have had a chance to discover whether or not they contain information pertinent to our case.  I believe that should take no longer than the end of the year.

Is this a reasonable request?

Also, in the course of my investigations at the Companies Office, I have run across at least two companies whose previous names no longer appear on the computer.  Is this a common occurrence or are these rare errors?  As you might suspect, it makes investigating records more difficult.  Also, the public notice stated these companies were all in liquidation when, for some, the Companies Office records say receivership.  Is the distinction unimportant in this context?

Thank you very much.

Ruth Hatch

Timber Holdings Limited (20/1/95 (#3) WN/623268 Waiau Holdings Limited (20 Sept 94)
Dakota Resources Limited (26 July 94)
Grenadier Investments Limited WN/540368 Timber Holdings Limited (#2) (25 Nov 92)
Coringa Holdings Limited (8 Apr 92)
Flat Rock Forests Limited NA/163623 Unknown
New Zealand Forests Limited (#1)
(20 July 95)
WN/539270 New Zealand Forests Management Limited (24 May 95)
New Zealand Forests Holdings Limited (9 Mar 93)
New Zealand Forests Limited (#3) (1 Apr 92)
Pinenz Limited (29 Sept 93) WN/622781 Cascade Manufacturing Limited (21 Jul 93)
NZEB (9 April 96) WN/420856 New Zealand Enterprise Board (23 Feb 89)
Desimus Enterprises Limited (16 Dec 88)
Raycorp Holdings Limited (24 Feb 87) WN/332508  
New Zealand Enterprise Nominees Limited (29 Aug 88) WN/373349 Diadron Marketing Limited (15 June 88)
New Zealand Trade & Investment Limited (3 April 96) WN/352807 New Zealand Trade and Investment Corporation (8 June 88)
San Bernardino Holdings Limited (8 Sept 87)





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