I couldn't quit, because of all the kids, and the blacks, and the little people pulling for me.
I represent both the underdog and the overdog in our society.

- Reggie Jackson

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Filmwatcher (about Indigen)...

"We are 4 teammates: Alexandre Theil, Nicolas Chevallier, Laurent Sauvage and Julien Vanhoenacker.  We tried to let each one of us try every part of the production process, everybody modelled, animated, rendered etc...  We come from various places in France (Bordeaux, Lille, Douai, Rouen), we studied in SupInfoCom in Valenciennes.

"We started production late of January, thus we could say it took us about 6 months to complete it.  A good organisation let us sleep 9 hours per night most of the time, and we finished the movie 2 days before our deadline, which was quite impressive for us.

"The 3D software we used is Discreet 3D Studio Max, and no other, but we used Adobe Photoshop for creating textures and Nothing Real Shake for Compositing too, Adobe Premiere for video editing and SoundForge for mixing sounds...  No renderers were used." - Julien


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