Sport: Pigging a Winner

A Race to the Finish!

The Ham-beltonian!

New Jersey State Fait Race
Christchurch, NZ racing trotter pig

New Jersey Race

Pig racing at the New Jersey State Fair, in Flemington, New Jersey. This photo was taken in 1995.

Technical details: Canon EOS-5, 70-200/2.8, continuous AF, Fuji Super G+ ISO 400 negative film

Source: New Jersey State Fair Pig Race

Virginia Race

Eight-week-old pigs go hog wild toward the finish line during the "Sue Wee Pig Races" at the Arlington County Fair. The 25th anniversary "Silver Celebration" was held at the Thomas Jefferson Community Centre. Photo credit: Associated Press

Source: The Star-Ledger Saturday 18 August 2001


Christchurch (NZ) Race

Pig racing trainer Jeff Ryan said his pigs absolutely loved it when they trotted out on the track; they "smiled" and looked just like kids having fun. At the end of the last race, the hungry entrants get to pig out on pavlova, cream, and chocolate cake. He says pigs "are as loyal as dogs." - NZPA

Source: The Dominion Friday 9 March 2001

Livestock Exhibit

Ima Porcine with her first prize winner - Best Old Man at the Fair.

Source: incredible livestock photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.  Best photographer anywhere - visit his site...