Streams, Spiders and Wind


Advanced 3D Studio Max Class Page 5

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

- Albert Einstein

Project 10: Stream

Our assignment: To create a rippling stream which flowed through rocky ground.

Cody's mine, Wolf's.  Click to begin

In class we learned how to use mix, mask and composite to create complex landforms.  We also used a displace modifier to carve a stream bed.

I learned that if you add 34 trees and a few flowers, it will take you 200 hours to render the final project.  (No, I'm not kidding.)  But this was my favourite project and, I think, my best.  (And if you don't agree, then bugger off and die.)

Individual Projects: Max Script, a Novel Particle Flow, Reactor Wind

Our assignment: To show the class something we learned on our own that had not been covered in class.

Mine, Wolf's - Click to begin (Cody's project - Max Script - didn't produce an .avi for me to upload here)

For an example of Cody's Max Script project, see the random placement of the bone-breaker poles in Wolf's project 9 on the previous page.  I did my project on Particle Flow - because it was the thing I liked the best that I've learned this semester.  Wolf used Reactor to make the curtains blow in the breeze.

A Final Word:

If you live in New Jersey and are interested in learning animation, I highly recommend the 3D Max classes taught by Stan Wasilewski at County College of Morris in Randolph.  For inexplicable reasons, the courses are called Videographics Animation.  Accept no substitutes.

Click here for:

bulletProject 1: Materials
bulletProject 2: Types of Animation
bulletProject 3: Modelling with Meshsmooth

Click here for:

bulletProject 4: Modelling with Surface Modifier
bulletProject 5: Lip Sync

Click here for:

bulletProject 6: Inverse Kinematics and Bones
bulletProject 7: Skinning

Click here for:

bulletProject 8: Particle Systems
bulletProject 9: Reactor

Plus, there're the Basic 3D classes pages.  If you're interested in having a any of the files, please contact me.  We used 3D Studio Max version 6 (this is in 2003 after all).

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