A Wonderful Investment! (Pg 1)


Does Money REALLY Grow on Trees?

Expensive, well-executed, and familiar ads convince the investors, as nothing in the black and white tables of assets and debits can, that the company is important and prosperous.

- Michael Schudson


Flat Rock Forests Trust Marketing Brochure

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This ad is for a Trust that lost more than 1,000 investors 100% of their money.  Joseph Banks did not administer the Trust.  Arbor did not manage it.  It did not return 10.19% to investors.  The Trust was never closed to further investment.  Money does NOT grow on trees.  There is no free lunch.

For more detail (if you're interested), begin with How and Why We Immigrated.  There are things you need to know before investing in a New Zealand forest trust...

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