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A Corner of Wellington

As a private person, I have a passion for landscape, and I have never seen one improved by a billboard.
Where every prospect pleases, man is at his vilest when he erects a billboard.
When I retire from Madison Avenue, I am going to start a secret society of masked vigilantes
who will travel around the world on silent motor bicycles, chopping down posters at the dark of the moon.
How many juries will convict us when we are caught in these acts of beneficent citizenship?

- David Ogilvy

Source: from pixdaus

Two Auckland real estate agents, Greg and Judi Gibson, are behind a billboard campaign (Godmarks) developed on God’s behalf in Auckland, New Zealand.  So why is it in a page on Wellington?  Because I don't have a page on Auckland.

In Wellington, we have billboards like this:

Source: from

Other Wellington Billboards - Part 1

Script is thanks to one of NZ's most known humorous commentators, Tom Scott

Don't Be Boring: I believed that my audience was starting to mature

Unfortunately, the sign writer and I were unaware of the spelling mistake.
The new-age graffiti artist is educated, however.

Source: A Corner of Wellington by Chris Stevenson 1997 (Press the "Next" button below for more...)

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