Stunt City, Australia


Finally!  A Deodorant that Won't Let You Down...

Success is a great deodorant.  It takes away all your past smells...

- Elizabeth Taylor

No Matter What!

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The Mill Completes Stunt Work for Rexona

Featuring approximately one stunt every two seconds, the latest ad for Rexona deodorant is possibly one of the most action-packed commercials ever filmed.  Directed by Ivan Zacharias, Stunt City is a series of vignettes that depict men commuting to work, the only difference being that it's normal to perform outrageous stunts to get there.  Cars careen by on two wheels, men jump off roofs onto moving buses and dangle from the landing skids of a helicopter, motorbikes smash through plate-glass windows...  Everywhere you look, someone is performing a breath-taking stunt but, whatever it is, the important thing is that his deodorant doesn't let him down.

Zacharias was keen to perform as much in camera as possible, so the Mill's Bamsley spent two weeks with the shoot in Australia working closely with the production and making sure that post could help that happen.  Much of the later Flame work involved clean-up and de-rigging; removing safely harnesses and padding from the stunt men, painting out the grips who'd had to push a car over on its roof at a certain point and so on.

"All in all we spent about a week and a half on it in post and almost every shot had to have something done to it," said Bamsley.  "Some elements were retimed to choreograph better with the other stunts going on around them, while we also had to retime for continuity in the edit.  In some scenes it would have been too dangerous to have three stunts going on all at once, so they filmed them separately and I put it altogether in Flame."

Source: 6 May 2005 Agency Lowe, Creatives Simon Butler and Geoff Smith, producer Charles Crisp, Production Company Stink

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