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Scrabble Facts

Scrabble came about in 1939 when architect Alfred Mosher Butts modified a game he had been working on earlier - Lexiko.  At first he called it Criss-Crosswords and based the values of the letters on usages from the New York Times (and other reputable sources).  In 1948, he allowed James Brunot to manufacture the game as long as he got a cut of each board sold - which wasn’t much, at first.  They actually lost money the first year they produced it.  Legend goes, though, that the President of Macy’s played the game while on vacation and, upon his return to work, was shocked that his store didn’t carry it.  When they did start to sell it, sales skyrocketed.

bulletThere are 96 two-letter words that are "legal" in Scrabble - including 10 that are spelled with vowels only.  (I’m so learning those.)
bulletA typical Scrabble board has 225 squares.
bulletThe highest known score for a single word in competition Scrabble is 392: in 1982, Dr Saladin Khoshnaw achieved this score for the word "caziques," which means "Indian chief."
bulletThe highest possible score a player can get in Scrabble on a first turn is for the word MUZJIKS (128 points).

Source: 8 June 2008

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