A Rose by Any Other Name


All in a Name

What's in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

- William Shakespeare

And taste just as good...

My son found this can of soda for sale at a local market.  As I recall, it was lemon flavoured and tasty.  However, possibly because I was raised in the Southwest part of the US (Texas, to be exact) where cow piss was at times a problem which might indeed need to occasionally be discussed, it struck me as ironic (and funny) that a yellow-coloured soda in a yellow-coloured can would have such a name.

Part 2

I now see that "pis" is considered a good name for a drink in some cultures...

Source: www.engrish.com

Part 3


I could go for some Plussy right now...

Source: engrish.com

Part 5

Nor is the problem restricted to food...


Source: www.engrish.com Visit the Engrish site.  I don't mean to pick on English-as-a-second-language speakers, either.  Some of the 200 available phonetic representations of the name Coca Cola in the Mandarin language actually translate into phrases such as “bite the wax tadpole” or “female horse fastened with wax.”  After much research, Coca Cola was changed phonetically into Coca Coler – which translates roughly into “to permit the mouth to be able to laugh.”  These kinds of situations are every international marketer’s nightmare.

While I can determine that English is not their primary language, I'm not sure I can determine the purpose of this email...

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Lecture Me!

A Motor by Any Other Name...

Available now!  


bulletRugged and dependable
bulletDesign optimised by world-wide field testing over an extended period
bulletAll models offer the economy of "fuel cell" type energy conversion and will run on a wide range of commonly available fuels
bulletLow standby power, but can be switched within milliseconds to as much as 1 KW mech/Kg (peak)
bulletModular construction
bulletWide range of available subunits permit tailor-made solutions to otherwise intractable mechanical problems
bulletChoice of two control systems!
bulletExternally triggered mode - Versatile, general purpose units.  Digitally controlled by picojoule pulses.  Despite low input energy, very high S/N ratio!  Approx 106 electrical amplification.  Mechanical characteristics: (1 cm modules) maximum speed: 0.1 to 100 mm/second; Stress: 2 to 5*10-5 newtons/m/m.
bulletAutonomous mode with integral oscillator - Especially suitable for pumping applications.  Modules available with frequency and mechanical impedance suitable for
bulletSolids and slurries (0.01 - 1.0 Hz)
bulletLiquids (0.5 to 5 Hz) - Typical lifetime 2.6*109 cycles, max lifetime 3.6*109 cycles, independent of frequency!
bulletGases (50 - 1000 Hz)
bulletMany optional extras!  For example: built-in servo (length and velocity) when fine control is required!  Direct piping of oxygen!  Thermal generation!  Et cetera

Good to eat...

The lecture is by Professor D R Wilkie.

The subject is muscle.

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