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Diane with Dog

Diane Baker Mason is a Toronto writer who has published fiction, opinion and poetry, and won awards in Canada, Australia and the US.  A flair for the ridiculous causes her to address even the most dire of circumstances with slippery humour.  A fascination with life's imbalances and injustices has also sent her into law school, where she is in her final year of studies.  She's the single mother of twin boys.

Sources:; her latest novel is Last Summer at Barebones.
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The illustration on page 1 is from Royal Carribbean Adventure;
it is the main dining room on "Adventure of the Seas"
On page 2 is "Carcass" by artist Chaim Soutine.
Page 4 depicts "Belshazzar" by Rembrandt.
The "lofty speaker" on page 5 is from Jansen Places: Malta.
"The Christening Feast", 1664, Oil on canvas by Jan Steen
Page 7 illustration "Feast of Fools" by Alan Katz '82-'85 from Feast of Fools.
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