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I Wish I Had Taken That!

Style used to be an interaction between the human soul and tools that were limiting.
In the digital era, it will have to come from the soul alone.

- Jaron Lanier

Wood Anemones

by keith laban

Hasselblad 501CM

A tree trunk.  And some flowers.  That's all.

Source: photo.net


by ettan ettan

Canon EOS 10D - Digital

Amazing capture.  Colours, sharpness, moment, bokeh - the real thing.  One might complain about the clipped wings, but surely that's only a minor distraction?

Source: photo.net

For a discussion of the meaning of bokeh, please see Ken Rockwell (an external site with a tremendous amount of information on the art of photography).


by Chris Blaszczyk

Hasselblad 500C

Composition, palette, location, and subtle yet purposeful consistency in styling/wardrobe and lighting combine to make this a very strong fashion image.

Source: photo.net

Spiral II

by Kenneth Kwan

Canon Elan 7E

A limited number of colours, no distracting elements and repetition.  A strikingly simple image.  Well done, or should it be said, well found and executed?

Source: photo.net

January Night at the Amusement Park

by ilia

Canon EOS Elan

The light first caught us; the more we looked, the more we saw.  The snow adds to the scene.

Source: photo.net

I'd like to put in a word here for the site where I found these photos, www.photo.net.  It seems to be run by photographers for photographers and displays hundreds of photos - I've only shown a tiny sampling here.  Most photos are peer critiqued with comments such as the following about the photo shown immediately above:

Close to Perfect
Tony DummettPhoto.net Hero Photo.net Patron, February 15, 2001; 01:33 A.M.
I'm not one to effuse over a photograph, but this does something to me.  The subject, the loneliness and cold depicted, bring to mind staggering off from a party after one drink too many, trying to clear my head.  No one comes by to help, ... no company ... ample time to minutely study the empty chairs and tables as [I] struggle against spinning out.  This picture brings out that kind of detail - banal in itself, but evocative in the extreme.  A great picture (for me) of one of those - thankfully rare - "life" situations.  In the distance [I] can still hear music playing and the distant sound of voices...

The comments provide as much enlightenment as the photos at times...

For photos of the earth and moon, stained glass, sunsets on the Wellington Harbour, Lady Fair, Civic Square, the old mill, the Whippany River, historical houses, Lake Parsippany and more clicking the "Up" button below takes you to the Index page for this Photographs section.

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