Enhancing Nature


Instrumental Art

Sculpture occupies real space like we do... you walk around it and relate to it almost as another person or another object.

- Chuck Close

  1. Basin of Attraction - Artpark, Lewiston New York. 1989
    Water from the Niagara river entered a six-foot diameter, spiral-shaped, stone basin and formed a whirlpool. The whirlpool changed in intensity in response to fluctuations in the rivers currents.  The basin was constructed of granite found on the site.  Commissioned by Artpark.
    Source: nedkahn.com/water.html#turbulent 
  2. Wavespout (Breathing Sea) - Ventura Pier, City of San Buenaventura, California. 1993
    A fountain that used the energy of ocean waves to create a blow hole on the end of the pier.  Air pressure surges from passing waves blew a spray of seawater out of the spiral structure.  The spray cascaded back down to the ocean through a slot in the pier deck that also framed the view of the sea below.  The shape and power of the spray varied with the changing rhythms of the waves as well as with the tides and winds.  Height 7'.  Completed in 1993.  Destroyed by damage to the pier 3 years later.
    Source: nedkahn.com/water.html#turbulent

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