The most abundant and natural resource of all is information. Life continually serves us up more news than we can use. Who has time for anything but snappy bites? These topics were selected to make you think, smile, or hungry. Remember:
Time flies like an arrow, fruit
        flies like a banana.

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Reptiles, crustaceans, arachnids, insects, fish, birds, pets, livestock, hunting, slaughtering, rodents, bears, primates, whales, Wellington's waterfront


This section requires, variously, Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime - and a fast internet connection or lots of patience: Eyepopping, Feats and Defeats, Indigen, Fun at Work, When Your Needs Overwhelm You, Driving Tips, Recursion, Pigs, Six Easy Pieces, 3D Max class, tons more

Art oPlaying Cards

An unusual deck of playing cards: each card was designed by a different British artists; several transformation cards from other decks are included as well


Enhancing human experience using bodybuilding, marijuana, caffeine, amphetamines, ecstasy, PMA, alcohol, Ritalin, kava, tv, nicotine, cooked food


Subjects taught, tests, costs, boredom, honour, rites of passage, rigid rules, cliques, thinking, learning, homeschooling, creating, brilliance, ongoing education


Natural disasters - including lightning strikes, tornados, hurricanes, volcanoes, floods, global warming and more - as well as some great satellite and tree photos


History, unusual flying machines, hot air balloons, skydiving, gliding, problems, airports, turbulence, pilots, crashes, Paris Air Show, future, blimps, space travel, solar sails


An aggregate of human affairs - heavily weighted toward the West (because that's what I know more about), it mainly focuses on Europe.  (I'd like to be unbiased but bias is part of the fabric of human affairs...)


Articles on humour plus cartoons, oxymorons, jokes and more


Articles on immigration, emigration, undocumented workers, overstayers, how to get in: NZ and Australia, costs, H1-B workers, scams, quality of life

Information / Technology

Snooping, usage, the future, world's fair predictions, e-diaries, piracy, flickers, cyborgs, browsing, trends, jokes, philosophic agents, artificial consciousness

Intellectual / Entertaining

Articles, tests and visual amusements


Guns, tv, extortion, hair, handbags, parenting, time bind, desserts, tea, fitness, health, smoking, feasts, friends, happiness, ageing


Sperm donations online, testosterone, condom sizes, child molesters, prostitutes, pantyhose, buddies, smells, nagging, gynæcologists, mid-life crises, fathers

Money / Politics/Law

Countries of the world, globalisation, tax avoidance, consumerism, credit cards, spending, contracts, trust, stocks, fraud, eugenics, direct democracy, forfeiture

New Jersey

Facts, census data, complex highway interchanges, photos, transit plans, politicians, geology, canals, regions, governance, flora and fauna, history

Odds / Oddities

The unusual: events, abilities, means of self-expression, houses, conditions, people, twins, luck, narrow escapes, resemblances, facts, diversions, heroism

Older & Under

Ageing, including feats that can be accomplished, and a non-spiritual look at what happens after death - funerals, jerky, popsicles, fertiliser, ashes, orbit, diamonds (yes, diamonds) or dust


The earth and moon, fire in Montana, trains, stained glass, sunsets on the Wellington Harbour, Lady Fair, Civic Square, the old mill, the Whippany River, historical houses, Lake Parsippany


White collar/petty crimes, truth, injustice, capital punishment, race, executioners, cheating, private prisons, retribution, prison labour, appeals, instant justice, electronic tags, lepers, second chances


Affair motivators, changing relationships, do-it-yourself psychotherapy, lies, insincerity, social graces, cosmetic surgery, roots of culture, self-deception, love, reunions of lost relatives


Bacteria, centrioles, chairs, nebulae, asteroids, robots, memory, chirality, pain, fractals, DNA, geology, strange facts, extra dimensions, spare parts, space storms, discoveries, ageing, atypical brains

Social / Cultural

Poverty, social markets, superfluous children, isolation, modern mating difficulties, status, boasting, gender, patriarchy, capitalists, civility, groups, racism, virtue, ethics, arts, religion, crewing


Iraq versus North Korea, bioterrorism, patriotism enforcers, airport security, pain, children in war, McCarthyism, humanitarian killing, Voice of America, pipelines, truth, lessons, anthrax, hatred,  surveillance


Satellite photos and pictures of Wellington from several different angles, articles about earthquakes, history, business, the Ohariu Valley, statistics, fireworks, the national anthem, the kiwi icon


Why, which career, bosses, time constraints, focus, trends, gender issues, pay differentials, getting laid off, getting re-hired, dependents, part-time work, balancing work and values

Zero Return Investment

The raison d'√™tre for this website.  The Flat Rock Forests Trust "lost" millions of dollars - we may never know exactly why...


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